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gk's lj

this shit gets personal

that funny looking asian boy
7 July
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I am George, welcome to my journal.

Yes, this is a journal. I treat it like a diary. No quizzes. No questionaires. Not posts. Entries.

That also means that this is for me.

And now, a few words used to describe myself:
Indecisive. Whiny. Over-analyzing. Sensitive. Intelligent. Witty. Social. Funny. Pompous. Unique. Kind. Asshole. Friendly. Nice. Unexpected. Anal. Slow. Annoying. Caring. Lazy. Smart. Pretentious. Tactful. Leadership skills included.

I didn't say it was going to be accurate.

I'm pretty open with this thing. If you think that you might know me in "real life" enough for potential bad to come from reading what I type, be careful. Pick and choose what you read, I normally give warnings if it's something big. Even if you are to have a conversation with me, I won't specifically mention something that I had "made an entry about" if you don't (not that I would mind if you did).

Most of my entries are probably big annoying rants and ramblings about how I'm learning more and more about myself. There's a lot of over-analyzing of simple daily stresses. I freak out a lot about stupid stuff. This is my way to look back in a few months/weeks and laugh.

What I type in here is sometimes in the heat of the moment, sometimes well after the moment's passed. Opinions change. People learn. They probably aren't permanent opinions. So whatever you read, take it with a grain of salt.

And a spoon full of sugar.