that funny looking asian boy (icraveattn) wrote,
that funny looking asian boy

a late night's typing...

So, it's been a while. A long while. I sit in my room, kinda drunk, but not really. It has been over a year (I'm thinking over two years?) since I last posted anything. Since I last wrote to myself in this.

A lot has happened since, as one can imagine. There were crushes and dramas. There was a relationship with Brittany that came and went. There has been many life changing experiences I couldn't even start to describe. I changed jobs. I work with a band now.

Really, I don't feel like going into too many details in those areas right now. I just feel like typing. It has been way too long. I miss the feel and comfort of having the most annoying parts of my life typed down for me to look at later. I feel like getting back into it.

On that note, I'm bored. Not really lonely, but in need of... something. Still trying to figure out the fine line between the person I was and the person I've been building myself to be. To quote Paul, "Kong, it seems you've created a lifestyle for yourself that you're not completely comfortable with."

Let me figure that one out for a while.
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