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the gun story

So Saturday night was Rob's 21st birthday and we all did the usual go out and get drunk thing. That was all gravy. We get back to the townhole later on in the evening, and Rob's obviously trashed, when these guys standing around apt 14 start calling him a fag and starting shit. Rob's drunk so he starts yelling back and then runs up the stairs to confront them.

I run up to the third floor in time to see Mike trying to pull Rob off these guys as they keep yelling and shoving Mike, Rob, and who ever else was there (Zach?) to break things up. I look over while trying to keep things back and see a gun being pointed in our direction, all thug gangsta-like, from above everyone's heads.

We keep pulling Rob all the way back to apt 2 and the punks are still coming and shoving Mike and me, yelling at us to get inside our apartment. I don't remember seeing the gun at this point. I head into apt 2 and hang out there for a bit before heading outside to see where Mike was and how he was doing and I see that he's already talking to the police.

Apt 14 is completely dark and Mike said he had seen a couple of guys running into an SUV. Mike says the cops arrested someone down the street with a gun, but nothing could be done about it because Mike didn't want to go ID the guy. You really can't blame him since the cop said that he couldn't guarantee Mike the guy wouldn't be able to see him. Mike didn't want to get shot later, and who can blame him?

All in all, this is ridiculous shit. Mike wants to see the guys evicted. I want to settle things out with the neighbors and hope that this was all just a misunderstanding or that those guys with the gun aren't people that normally hang around there. Either way, this is a shitty way to start our last year at the townhole. We'll see what happens from here.
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