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the summer wraps up

Summer, you gave me craziness.

I randomly picked up and helped Eva move to Boston. I almost took a random trip to Wisconsin for a bar but ended up grounding myself from alcohol for 3 weeks instead. I threw a crazy reverse surprise party and ate some shrooms.

I went swimming after the clubs and bars let out. I danced every week at least once. I found my confidence. I have found my stride. I went to Vegas and found a system for winning in roulette. I went to San Francisco and learned to buy drugs off the street. I went to Seattle and learned just how random and crazy I can let life be.

South Florida told me that it's not home for me anymore. Craziness comes with the friends. Catch the right people, catch the right crazy. Doing things I didn't think I would ever do. Coming up with all the fun and crazy ideas I can get. Keep them down? Sure thing.

And then to end it all, there was last night. More drinking. Interesting action. Got a gun pulled out on us. Yeah, that's a new one.

And so this summer ends. Let's see what I'm getting involved with come this fall. It'll be interesting as hell, I'm sure of that.

Cheers to good randomness without bad drama.
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