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another random Gainesville night

I love nights like tonight.

An old friend from a long time ago (okay, let's be honest. it was Lauren, who I had met from group therapy), came by work and invited me to her friend's birthday get-together. It was a semi-small private affair, I was told, but I should come. Her friend was there as I was being invited.

So, much later on in the evening, I find myself at this random girl's house, eating vegetarian enchiladas and enjoying the people watching. I had walked into the house and only recognized Lauren. That rarely happens in this town for me anymore. Between work, school, and my weird ability to remember faces, I almost never walk into a place without at least knowing a face or recognizing a smile.

After a bit of hanging out and drinking (tee hee), we went out to Market Street for the 80's night there. I drank a little. I danced a lot. Ran into some other people I know. I then went back with everyone to the girl's house, did a little more drinking, bumped some soma (never tried, had no effect), talked to Alfredo (who showed up at the club) a little bit about me buying a Vespa from him, ran into a friendly bartender I know, got a book from Alfredo about fixing up Vespas, and hung out some more.

As I left and was walking to Nate's van (which I was driving for the evening), it clicked that this was another one of those "college nights" that I love Gainesville for. Oh, and I was also hit on by a random gay man at this girl's house. No one knew the guy, he was just randomly invited as we were leaving downtown. He did, however, keep winking at me and grabbing at me all night. Hmmm and stuff, right?

Anyhow, I love Gainesville for this. That I was able to have such a random night and meet such random people. I could have gone out with the neighbors for some drinking at the local bar, but this was much more worth it. I had fun, met new people, and broadened my horizons. It was pretty damn cool.

Thank you Gainesville. Thank you for the random nights you leave me with memories of. (keyword: memories)
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