that funny looking asian boy (icraveattn) wrote,
that funny looking asian boy

it's a place where a garden never grows

I'm going to lame it up for a minute.

There I am, eating in front of my computer, mindlessly hopping around my email and the internet. I'm updating my HORorNOT profile, trying to figure out what to put in the keyword box when I come to a starting conclusion. I couldn't find an activity that I could say has really been driving my life forward. I think I've been stuck for a while.

Meanwhile, Party Shuffle has put Hole in My Soul by Aerosmith on.

This is one of those chances. I gotta get moving.

No hurry, but no reason to be stalled, either.

Jarrett's gone.

An era has ended. It's time to move on and start something else. I have projects on my docket. It's time to get it started. My hands are clean, it's time to get them dirty with Vespa grease. Photo chemicals. Umm... library dust? (Sorry. I wanted to play with the metaphor.)
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