that funny looking asian boy (icraveattn) wrote,
that funny looking asian boy

i want to know you better

this may be a bad thing, but i find myself fairly frustrated when i feel like i am bing snubbed.  and i don't mean for a favor, but for friendship.

at some recent point in my life, i fell into the belief that i am probably one of the best persons everyone in my life will ever meet.  if not the dominant self-view, its influence quite often surges to the top of my head, especially when i'm thinking about people i have tried to connect to, but for one reason or another, have fallen short on.

i know that i have enough friends.  i have even more acquaintances, i know.  the issue is where the two groups cross.  there are many acquaintances i am honestly upset about not knowing better.  there are many people in my life who i can imagine to be incredible people, but i don't  feel i have quite connected with enough to know.

i wish i could hand pick some people to have bonding experiences with.

i appreciate all the people in my life that i have bonded with.  i am not lacking.  i am just selfish.  i want more.  i like good people.  i feel like i am missing out when there are good people whom i don't know well.

is that weird?

i am a good friend.  i am fun to have around.  i interact well.

let me into your circle.
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