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random early morning ramblings

I don't know if I've ever felt this good before,

The summer is ending and I know that a chapter of my life is now ending and another one is just about to start. This was: one great summer. I traveled. I ate a lot. I had fun. The apartment was a mess.

There are still many things to bog me down right now - Now the same as always - but I choose not to let anything get to me. Everything's working out. Everyone is okay. I have plenty to be happy about. It feels great to be able to look around at my surroundings and just enjoy the fact that I'm in college. I can just hang out and be happy. This is it. This is the life.

I have happy memories to hold onto. The trip to the west coast was more eye-opening to me. While it wasn't as grand a realization as Boston was, the west coast definitely helped to fuel the drive I had picked up from the New England area. I learnt that I like to travel. I'm now ready to do it for real. I want to take a few months out of my life and backpack the country. Yes, people do Europe all the time, but I want more of this country. I have a lot to learn about what America means to me. And a few months means like, six? Enough time to spend at one place for a month at a time if I think it's cool there. Enough time to really hang out.

But I digress, that's just another one of my crazy ideas.
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