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you're really sexy

"You know, you're a really sexy guy."

I was taken aback by that one. "Sexy guy?" Who says that? I tried to play it off, "Thanks, I know." And so we continued dancing. Preceding moments had included, "I didn't know you could dance so well," and, "You have some really good moves there."

Seeing as how I had been flirting with her at every chance (when she would come into my Starbucks), I took all of this is a good sign. So, I asked her for her number at the end of the night. Wednesday is my birthday, I explained, and I was wondering if I could call her about coming out with us. She said she should probably tell me that she has a boyfriend right now, but since I'm a good dancer, she would give me her number.

What the hell?


I have a lot ahead of me as far as the rest of this week goes. Coming to the realization of how much I had to pre-plan before leaving g'ville, I decided that I needed to use all of tomorrow's day off to get things in order. No going out and relaxing. Maybe some night activity, but probably nothing too much. I have too many things to take care of.

I will leave g'ville on Sunday, leave SFL on Tuesday, and be in California for a stay of about a week. Following that, I will be spending half a week (the weekend part!) in Seattle. The California part will involve my mom, sister, and little cousin (Cecilia). The Seattle part will only be my sister and me. I will then fly back to SFL by on my own, stay for about a week (during which, I hope to get some hours at my sister's store), and then attend a wedding before finally heading back to g'ville.

Now, how do I pack?

Besides that, I have not spent this much time away from g'ville since I got here. I won't be returning until August. That's 3 weeks. I'm a whole lotta nervous about this. Like I'm going to miss something? Like something is going to happen just before I leave that I won't be able to resolve when I get back? Like I will lose something? Some of my food is going to spoil. I won't be able to do all the little things I do at the store. I'm going to forget to pay a bill or something. Crap. That one might happen.


I was angry, not because of the boyfriend thing on its own. That's frustrating enough, granted, but I was used to it. Actually, when telling the story to Brit at work, she exclaimed, "This happens to you a lot!" (She hasn't even known me past this summer.) The frustrating part is that I was originally dancing with an attractive girl who had bought me a drink just earlier. I figured that since Sarah was new to the scene and it seemed like she wasn't too good at this dancing thing, I would spend some time with her. I guess I figured that when she came up to me and pulled me away from the two girls I was dancing with.

For the record, I have no plans to call her. I'm not that guy.


And yes. I am 22.

No, I'm not too happy about it.
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